I love to paint the special places or visions of others and I can make new paintings copied from my earlier paintings which will be similar but not identical to the original version. Often people ask for larger paintings, which can be done from my smaller paintings as guides. Visit my archive page to see many of the paintings that have been purchased, and are no longer for sale.

I also paint from photos. I prefer to visit the location to be painted and to take my own photos, at the time of day and season to be painted. Often this requires more than one picture-taking session. However, if the purchaser has a lot of good quality photos that give a good representation of the subject, a commission might be acceptable without my traveling to the location. I’d have to evaluate the pictures. Light is critical.

Here is how you can estimate what a commissioned painting will cost. Again, this is just for estimating. There are many variables, including travel expense to the location.

The estimated price of a painting done at the request of a purchaser begins with a base rate of $300 for the first sq. ft*. Every sq. ft. thereafter is an additional $200.

A deposit of 30% is required. Five days after receipt of deposit, it becomes non-refundable.

If the purchaser requests a frame, it is an additional cost. Shipping is also additional. Paintings delivered in Colorado will include sales tax.

* Example: an 10” x 14” painting is less than one sq. ft. The estimated cost would be $300.

12” x 24” is 288 sq. in or 2 sq. ft (288 divided by 144). The estimated cost would be figured this way: 1st sq. ft. = $300. 1 sq. ft additional would be $200. Total estimated cost: $500. Actual price can be higher, depending on how many elements are in the painting. Estimates are the same for watercolors, oils, or acrylic paintings.

effective Jan. 2012

Layaway terms

Paintings may be purchased by making payments. There is no interest charged, but I will retain possession of the painting until paid in full. The amount of payments is negotiable. Email your inquiry to Kathy Hill