You MUST let me know if you will be needing materials when you register, at least 2 weeks prior to the workshop.

One 12”x16” gesso primed canvas, hardboard, Gessobord, or good quality canvas board

Minimum brushes: 3 hog bristle brushes- small, med, large (width of bristles—¼”, ½”, 1”) Flat, filbert, or bright

Minimum Paints:

Acrylic tube paints, oil paints or alkyd paints. Acrylics should be heavy body/studio quality tube paints.

2 yellows (1. lemon yellow OR cadmium yellow pale, AND 2. cadmium yellow medium)

2 reds (1. rose madder, permanent rose, alizarin crimson OR quinacridone red AND 2. cadmium red light OR vermillion)

3 blues (ultramarine blue, Prussian blue, AND thalo blue or turquoise

Burnt sienna

Titanium White

1 Black-Ivory, Lamp or Mars

Other suggested colors: Yellow Ochre, Prussian Green, Purple, Burnt Umber, Cadmium Orange, Cobalt Blue

For Oil Painting: odorless mineral spirits OR Turpenoid, Windsor Newton Liquin

For Acrylic painting: Gloss Gel medium

Palette: disposable paper palettes, white, glass, or ceramic palette for oils, plastic OK for acrylic.

Paper towels, Kleenex, clean soft cotton rags, glass jars (2-3 med size), painting knife

Sketchpad or paper, pencil, eraser, ultra fine point black Sharpie.

Wear old clothes or bring a shirt or apron to protect your clothes.

Optional: for Acrylics: aluminum brush washer

For a _______ supply fee, you will receive 3 brushes to keep and enough alkyd, oil, or acrylic paint on a paper palette to use during the workshop, a 12” x 16” canvas board, enough odorless mineral spirits (for oils), either Liquin medium or glossy acrylic medium, paper towels and other necessary equipment for the workshop projects.